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Modular Thimble Adjustable 74 Recessed light Champagne Extra warm white

Brand: Modular Lighting MOD11621041 Modular Lighting

Thimble 74 Adjustable LED GE, recessed ceiling light, LED 5.6-8.1W 2700K (extra warm white) 493-680lm 30° CRI90 350-500mA, anodised champagne. Power supply not included. LED light source included. Size: ø74x98mm, recessed: ø70x100mm. Horizontal adjustablility: 360°. Vertical adjustablility: 30°.

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Discrete, curvy & colourful. Thimble evokes minimalism, surprise and technology all at once. Subtle curves, slightly revealing colours, high-quality lens and LED. With its deep-recessed and glare-free light source, Thimble’s clean and seamless execution makes it a quiet yet sophisticated choice for high-end residential or hospitality settings. This versatile, elegant architectural downlighter will bring pure form, definition and quality light to any space without stealing all the attention.
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