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Modular Lighting

Setting trends in architectural lighting

Modular Lighting sets trends in high-end architectural lighting, seamlessly blending technology and elegance to create bold and uniquely refreshing designs. Their goal? Delivering the perfect lighting for every space. With their idiosyncratic style, Modular Lighting makes a mark in the industry.

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Belgian architectural lighting

Modular Lighting was established in Belgium in 1980 and was the first company to bring architectural lighting to the market. In the meantime, the brand has conquered the world and emerged as a leader in architectural lighting.

The company is reaping the fruits of their collaboration with world famous designers, such as Luc Vincent and Gerd Couckhuyt. Moreover, the renowned designer brand is a winner of numerous prestigious awards, including the Henry van de Velde Label (2015-2016) for the Vaeder collection.

Innovation and beauty

Modular Lighting strives for innovation and at the same time celebrates the beauty of design. The label strives to find the lighting solutions of tomorrow while also striving to improve what we have today.

To this end, it focuses on designing energy-saving lighting. This started 30 years ago with the use of low-voltage lamps and evolved to using LED lighting and paper thin OLED lighting. In addition, Modular Lighting is one of the first designer labels to introduce connected lighting.

The right lighting

Modular Lighting designs are intended to provide the right light at the ideal brightness for the right space. The company is committed to using light to enhance the people's feeling of well-being both at home and at work.

The unique refraction of light and indirect lighting typify its lighting designs. An interesting example is the Trapz collection containing lighting with a fascinating shadow play and pleasant indirect light. The company also experiments with organic shapes and is inspired by elements of nature. An example is the Vaeder collection. The lighting was inspired by the shape of honeycomb.

We strive to make a product better, and even better. For every design, we look for the perfect balance between innovative design, expanding applications and cutting-edge technology.

Modular Lighting