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Ceiling lights



  • Look for moisture-resistant ceiling lamps. A ceiling lamp that is suitable for a bathroom has an IP value of 44 or higher.
  • Choose diffuse light instead of a focused light beam. This prevents shadows and provides much pleasanter lighting in your bathroom.
  • Choose a clear, neutral light colour, for instance, 3000 K. This light colour goes best with natural light and will always ensure you have decent lighting in your bathroom.


  1. Make sure the electrical wires go into the base of your connection.
  2. Secure the cords to the connection points of your ceiling lamp using screws or plug these in.
  3. Make sure you consult your ceiling lamp manual for more information.

  1. Secure the lamp bracket to the ceiling.
  2. Now connect the power cord to the ceiling lamp.
  3. Secure the fixture onto the bracket.
  4. Make sure you consult your ceiling lamp manual. Note that the lamp fixation can vary from fixture to fixture.


  • Choosing a ceiling lamp mostly depends on your taste and the space in which you will install it.
  • Choose a directional ceiling lamp when you want flexible lighting. This allows you to decide which parts of the room will be lit.
  • Do you want general lighting? Then choose a ceiling lamp with diffuse light.

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Ceiling lights are the most commonly used form of lighting inside the home. They provide general lighting but can also be used to create atmosphere.

Ceiling lights are very diverse. They can range from modern Track lighting to beautiful design pendant lights, they all fall in the same category of ceiling lights. Every type of ceiling light has its specific advantages and has another use.

Choices of ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are available in different styles and sizes. Are you looking for recessed lights as general lighting or do want to place that eye catcher in the lime light with an orientable ceiling lamp? With Peeq you will no doubt find the suitable ceiling light for all purposes.

Spots, integral or overhead spots, are extremely suitable as general lighting. But as soon as they are connected to a dimmer you can use them to create the right atmosphere. With alignable spots you can also put certain items literally in the spot light, such as a painting or artwork.

Pendant lights and overhead ceiling lamps are often pieces of art on their own. They can offer that little bit extra that turns a beautiful room into an exquisite room. From simple pendulums to majestic chandeliers, you will find more than enough choice in our web shop.

Track lighting or tension wire systems then offer the advantage that you can connect several light sources to one light point. This is ideal for larger areas, such as stores, galleries and restaurants, but there is no reason why you couldn't have them at home.

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