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Where can I have my order delivered?

That is entirely up to you! Below we have listed the options that you can choose from.

1. Delivery to an address of your choice

When you place an order you can opt for delivery to an address of your choice (your home, your work or another address) via UPS. Whichever address you choose, your package is guaranteed to arrive at its destination the safest and fastest way possible. If you’re not at home when the UPS driver comes and your neighbours either, your parcel will be taken to a Pickup parcelshop in your local area. That way, you get your parcel as soon as possible, and you decide when you go to pick it up.
The UPS driver will leave a note in your mailbox giving the address of the Pickup parcelshop and the time from which you can collect your parcel. You will receive an email from UPS when the parcel has arrived in the Pickup parcelshop.

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2. Pickup from Peeq's pickup container

The pickup container is located on the left side of the Peeq warehouse. You can have your order laid out in our container and pick it up at a time that’s convenient for you. Our container service offers extended hours for pickup.

How to use a pickup container