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The ultimate guide to outdoor lights: create the perfect atmosphere in your garden

Looking for outdoor lamps for your garden? Discover the benefits of each lamp in our clear overview. Get ready for sparkling summer evenings!

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, that spring feeling starts to itch. From nice long breakfasts at the weekend to cosy summer barbecues with friends, as soon as spring arrives, the garden is our favourite place. And that until long after the sun goes down. 

This is why outdoor lighting is crucial. The right outdoor lighting turns your garden into a true outdoor space. But how do you start creating your garden paradise now? And with so many types of lamps on the market, which one is best to choose? Don't worry, we make a clear overview of the different outdoor lights and their advantages for you.

First things first

Before you can choose your outdoor lights, make an overview of the different places in your garden where you want to add lighting. Divide these into the purpose of the lighting. Start with the places where you need functional lighting, such as a garden path, your front and back door and your driveway. Then list the eye-catchers in your garden, such as a beautiful tree or shrub. This is where you want to add accent lighting. Do you have a good idea of where you want to place functional lighting and accent lighting? Then you can list where you want to add mood lighting. By playing with indirect lighting, you create depth and shade.  

Garden bollards 

Garden bollards are without a doubt the most commonly used outdoor lighting. Do you go for a modern look or rather rural? Garden bollards come in all styles. Use them to illuminate your driveway or garden path. Not sure how many garden stakes you need? Count on 1 bollard every 2 metres. You can also add them to a plant border as mood lighting. Take into account how tall your plants will grow and adjust your garden post accordingly. 

Bollard Absinthe ZenithBollard Eglo RiforanoBollard SLV RustyBollard Flos Bellhop

Spike lights

Do you have a beautiful tree or shrub that deserves a spotlight? Spike lights are the perfect way to add accent lighting to your garden. This type of lighting gives you a lot of flexibility. Not only can a briquette spotlight be directed, it is also easy to move. Ideal when your plants are not yet fully grown, or if you want to illuminate your tree from a different angle depending on the season.

Spike light Absinthe DoranSpike light Nordlux MonoSpike light Reality Bolo SmallSpike light SLV Led

Wall lights

Wall lights are the way to add atmosphere to your garden. Opt for up-and-down lighting. Their indirect light gives depth to your garden and adds extra cachet to your home. Moreover, wall lights also have a functional function. They are ideal for lighting up the walkway next to your home or as lighting at your front door. 

Wall light Absinthe ZenithWall light Astro MessinaWall light Nordlux Aludra

Ground lights

Ground lights are virtually invisible during the day. They integrate perfectly into their surroundings. As soon as dusk falls, they come into their own. Their light shines upwards and needs a surface to reflect on. So place them next to a tree or use them to light up your facade, the light shining up will be reflected beautifully. 

Ground light Absinthe AmandaGround light Bel Lighting BolasGround light SLV DasarGround light SLV Dasar

Table lamps and floor lamps

Looking for that extra bit of atmosphere for your outdoor table or lounge? A table lamp provides the mood lighting you're looking for. Do you want more? Then opt for an outdoor floor lamp. Some models are even rechargeable or battery-operated, perfect if you don't have a socket nearby.

Table lamp Flos In VitroTable lamp Humble OneTable lamp Muuto PitonTable lamp Marset Ginger


Want to discover even more about outdoor lighting and how to get the best out of each type of lamp? Then download our e-book on outdoor lighting for even more radiant ideas and tips. Let your garden shine this spring and summer with the right lighting!

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