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How to choose the right lighting for your garden

how do you create that cosy atmosphere with lighting? And how do you make sure there is enough light in places where visibility is paramount? Let us help you!

The days are getting longer, the first rays of sunshine are appearing and outside it smells like freshly cut grass. Yes, spring is on its way. In a few weeks, the garden will be in bloom again. Keep those summer days coming.

Even when the sun goes down, you still want to enjoy all that beauty. Thanks to lighting, you can transform your garden into a magical place after sunset. But how do you create that cosy atmosphere with lighting? And how do you make sure there is enough light in places where visibility is important? We would like to help you on your way so that soon you will be able to enjoy beautiful summer evenings in your garden.

What types of garden lighting are there?

Before you start, it is important to think carefully about the purpose of your garden lighting. Garden lighting has a triple purpose. If safety comes first, you opt for functional lighting. If you want to put an eye-catcher, such as a beautiful tree, in the spotlight, then accent lighting is the right choice. If you dream of cosy summer evenings outdoors, then mood lighting is a must. Depending on the placement in your garden, your garden lighting will have one of these purposes.

Functional lighting: The basis of your garden lighting

Let's start with the basics: functional lighting. These are the lights you absolutely need to illuminate the most frequently used parts of your garden, such as a garden path, your driveway, the seating area, front door or garden shed. Whether you want to work in the garden at night or welcome guests, a bright and safely lit path is essential. Choose bright, directional lighting in places where you need it. Garden bollards are a commonly chosen solution, but ground spots can also be a nice alternative.

Garden bollards

Accent lighting: Atmosphere and character in your garden

While functional lighting is about safety and visibility, accent lighting adds that extra something to your garden. Do you have a majestic tree, a lush shrub or a colourful flower border in your garden? Careful placement of accent lights ensures that these garden treasures get the attention they deserve even after dark. Choose directional lighting here. Spike lights are the perfect choice to spotlight accents in your garden. They come in different heights. Moreover, you can easily move them around a bit. Ideal if your tree or shrub is not yet fully grown, or if you prefer to light it from a different angle depending on the season. Handy!

Spike lights

Mood lighting: Creating depth and shade

Whereas accent lighting literally puts your garden in the spotlight, mood lighting is all about creating a soft glow. Mood lighting adds a dimension to your garden. The magic is in creating depth and shade. Go for depth and the feeling of space by placing soft lighting in the corners of your garden. Indirect light creates a nice shadow play, think of wall lighting or ground spots. Opt for warm, soft mood lighting. Not only does it create a cosy atmosphere in your garden, mood lighting is also essential for bringing functional and accent lighting together into a harmonious whole.

Ground spots


By cleverly and stylishly lighting your garden, you create an outdoor experience that brings safety and beauty together. Pro-tip: go for a successful effect by combining different types of garden lighting.

Garden lighting