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10 best-selling ceiling spotlights of 2024

Ceiling spotlights are the perfect basic lighting for your home! Get inspired with our 10 bestsellers.

Ceiling spotlights are the perfect basic lighting for your home! Compared to recessed spotlights, these are a lot easier to install. Do you still have a power cable somewhere for which you still need to choose an aramtuur? Perfect! That's all you need to install your ceiling spotlight. Dreaming of a spotlight on your kitchen worktop or a cosy light spot in the bedroom? With surface-mounted ceiling spotlights, you're guaranteed to be right. There is something for everyone as they are available in different styles, sizes and colours

Need inspiration? We are happy to present our 10 best-selling ceiling spots of 2024!

1. Absinthe - Connor Spot

Dimmable, adjustable and affordable? That's the Connor spot from Absinthe. With its chic white design and fine finish, this spotlight gives your interior a modern and elegant look. You can also buy it in white or choose a variant with two or three spots.

Ceiling spot Absinthe Connor Spot

2. Design for the People - MIB 6

MIB 6's minimalist design brings a subtle and sophisticated touch to any interior. The spotlight is tiltable, making it perfect for highlighting specific rooms or objects. This way, you create a unique atmosphere in any room. You can choose between the colours black and white.

Ceiling spot Design for the People MIB 6

3. Philips - Pongee Bar 2

Looking for a black ceiling spotlight with a contemporary look? With its sleek and elegant finish, Pongee Bar 2 fits perfectly into your modern interior. Not a fan of black? You can also opt for white. This 2-light ceiling spot is also fully rotatable and tiltable. Also available with 1 or more spots.

Ceiling spot Philips Pongee Bar 2

4. SG Lighting - Tube Micro S Trailing Edge Dim

Flexibility at its best with the Tube Micro S by SG Lighting! Thanks to the dimming functionality, you adjust the light intensity of this spotlight to the desired atmosphere. Choose from a black or white model and between a warm or extra warm light colour for the right atmosphere.

Ceiling spot SG Lighting Tube Micro S

5. Absinthe - Nimis 1

Discover Nimis 1 by Absinthe: a real eye-catcher in your interior with its tough, industrial look. With a wider light range than Absinthe's Connor, this spotlight is ideal for general lighting in larger rooms. Moreover, the spotlight is available in single and double versions, in both white and black. Totally in love with Nimis' design but looking for a recessed model? You can!

Ceiling spot Absinthe Nimis 1

6. SLV - Noblo 1

A ceiling spot that you can also install as a wall lamp? Noblo 1 by SLV makes it possible! With its sleek design, this black spotlight fits into any modern room. Moreover, this spotlight emits a warm light for an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

Ceiling spot SLV Noblo 1

7. Wever & Ducré - Scube On Base

The Scube On Base by Belgian company Wever & Ducré gives your interior a modern feel with its stylish black or white look. Prefer to see this tiltable spotlight against your wall? Good news! You can also install this spotlight as a wall lamp, for example as a reading light next to your bed.

Ceiling spot Wever & Ducré Scube On Base

8. Modular - Marbul

Modular's flexible Marbul lets you direct the light exactly where you want it. They seem to float almost magically against the ceiling, wrapped in a sleek gear that you hardly see. The white version with 2 bulbs is very popular, but the Marbul collection offers even more choices in colours and number of bulbs.

Ceiling spot Modular Marbul

9. Wever & Ducré - Match Surface 2.0

The design of the Match Surface 2.0 is slimmer than the Scube On Base. This black spotlight is specially designed to draw attention to certain objects. They are ideal for spotlighting photos on your wall, for example, or for reading your favourite thriller in better light. Prefer a different colour? Then choose white or aluminium.

Ceiling spot Wever & Ducré Match Surface 2.0

10. Reality - Tommy Linear

This black spotlight has a modern design. Two spots are attached to the metal or wooden ceiling beam and can be adjusted as desired. The golden inside of the spots provides a nice reflection of the light. Tommy comes into its own in modern and industrial interiors.

Ceiling spot Reality Tommy Linear

Have you seen some nice spots but are you specifically looking for ceiling spots for your bathroom? Then be sure to check the IP value of the spot. It tells you how water-resistant your spots are. Still looking for recessed spots? Then we have good news. Especially for you, we have listed our 10 best-selling recessed spotlights.

Overview of our best-selling ceiling spots

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