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10 best-selling recessed spotlights of 2024

Recessed spotlights as basic lighting with endless options in dimmability, directivity, colours, shapes and sizes. Which one is your favourite?

Recessed spotlights are the perfect basic lighting. Moreover, you can go many ways with them: dimmable, directional, trimless... Not to mention the colours, shapes and sizes. The offer is endless. And sometimes also a bit daunting. Because how do you choose that one perfect spotlight when there is so much choice?

To make it easier for you, we are happy to highlight our 10 bestsellers.  Let's dive in!

1. Absinthe - Djup Deep 

We start with Absinthe's Djup Deep. With its sleek and stylish design, it fits effortlessly into any interior. Moreover, this budget-friendly recessed spotlight also exists in a black version. Best of all? This lamp is dimmable, making it perfect for any occasion!

Recessed spot Absinthe Djup Deep

2. Wever & Ducré - Deep 1.0 PAR16. 1 Adjust Trimless

Trimless spotlights, or recessed spotlights without a rim, give your interior an extra sleek look. Especially when you go for a black spot, the effect is beautiful. The topper among trimless spots is the Deep 1.0 PAR16 Adjust Trimless by Wever & Ducré! Bonus: this spotlight is directional.

Recessed spot Wever & Ducré Deep

3. Astro - Minima Round Fixed 

Beautiful in its simplicity: the Minima Round Fixed recessed spot by Astro. Convinced by the design of the Minima collection, but looking for a directional spot or a spot for the bathroom? No problem, the Minima collection includes plenty of variants.

Recessed spot Astro Minima

4. Absinthe - Clickfit Solo Smooth

Looking for a directional recessed spot? The favourite par excellence is Clickfit Solo Smooth from Absinthe. White is the most commonly chosen colour, but this spotlight is also available in black and gold. Do you have a concrete ceiling? Then this is an ideal spotlight thanks to its leaf springs.

Recessed spot Absinthe Clickfit Solo Smooth

5. Modular - Lotis 82 Round

Black recessed spotlights give your interior that extra touch. Modular Lighting's Lotis 82 Round is the perfect addition to any corner of your home. This spotlight has a narrow rim and a deeply recessed light source. Convinced of the look but not a fan of black? From black to champagne colour, choose from as many as seven colours. 

Recessed spot Modular Lotis

6. SLV - Horn 

Looking for stylish recessed spotlights? Then check out the SLV Horn recessed spotlight! With its simple look and white colour, it fits perfectly into any interior. Thanks to its recessed light source, this spot provides a soft, cosy glow. Also available in black!

Recessed spot SLV Horn

7. Flos - Easy Kap 80 Round Fix PAR16 

The Easy Kap 80 Round Fix PAR16 by Flos Architectural is a true work of art. With its super sleek design, this spotlight adds elegance to your home. Want something more? Then choose copper or matt gold.

Recessed spot Flos Easy Kap

8. Wever & Ducré - Deep 1.0 PAR16  

Belgian brand Wever & Ducré guarantees quality. Our most popular black spot is their Deep 1.0 PAR16 recessed spot. Thanks to the handy dimming function, you determine the atmosphere very easily. Prefer a different colour? This spotlight is available in 5 colours: white, black, gold, champagne and aluminium. A match for every style! 

Recessed spot Wever & Ducré Deep

9. Philips - Donegal Round 

Looking for a spotlight with wow factor but at an affordable price? With its coppery colour, the Philips Donegal Round downlight is a real eye-catcher!

Recessed spot Philips Donegal

10. Absinthe - Gypsy Square 

Square recessed spots are the perfect match for modern interiors thanks to their clean lines. Are you looking for a square recessed spot, but prefer to keep it budget-friendly? Then be sure to check out Absinthe's Gypsy Square.

Recessed spot Absinthe Gypsy

Not quite sure if you can install your favourite downlight in your home? Contact our customer service team and they will provide you with all the necessary advice. 

Overview of our best-selling recessed spotlights

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