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SLV Eutrac 3-PhaseTrack 2m Black

Brand: SLV SLV145200 SLV

Eutrac 240V 3-Phase surface-mounted track, black. Size: 2000x36x32mm.

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High-quality track lighting This SLV surface-mounted track is available in three different lengths: 1000 mm, 2000 mm and 3000 mm. You can also choose from three different colours: white, black and silver-grey. Versatile lighting Three-phase track lighting is an extremely practical lighting solution. As the name implies, the installation works with multiple “phases”. Each track spot is divided into a specific group, so you can operate each group separately. This way you can illuminate different zones in the room with one power point. Do-it-yourself installation You can install track lighting yourself with a little technical knowledge. Thanks to the existing holes in the profile, you can mount the track directly on the wall or ceiling.
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