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Which lamp should I use for the most natural colour rendering in the mirror?

To achieve optimal mirror lighting, three points must be allowed for: the position of the light(s), the light colour and the type of light.

Position of the mirror lighting

When positioning mirror lighting, the aim is to prevent hard shadows as much as possible. The best option is to position a light to the left and right of the mirror. This will light your face nicely with evenly distributed light.
Placing a light above the mirror is another option, but make sure the light is wide enough. Want to install a light above a mirrored-fronted cupboard? Use an L-bracket to bring the light forward.

Light colour

The best option for mirror lighting is a warm light colour. This will bring out the warm tones of your skin, giving you a natural, healthy colour.

Type of light

Always use diffuse light for lighting a mirror. This light provides a soft glow, which reduces unpleasant shadows. Fluorescent lighting is very suitable, but LED lighting is also available.