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What to look for with spots in a fake ceiling?

If you want to install spotlights in a false ceiling, it is best to opt for spotlights with S1 recessed springs. These springs are specially designed for false ceilings. The springs can clamp against the top of the false ceiling so it literally pulls the spotlights up against the ceiling.


Note: Again, in some cases there is a limitation of the maximum thickness of the ceiling slab.
For spotlights on 12V, unlike a concrete ceiling, you can use electronic transformers. You can easily hide the transformer in the ceiling cavity. Here they have sufficient cooling so they will not reach their maximum overheating temperature. You can also opt for wound transformers. These can be placed at a further distance from the spotlights so that they can be housed in a technical room if necessary.
Note that the distance between the spotlight and the transformer depends on the load and the wire section.
230V spotlights pose no problem if you install them in a false ceiling. These do not need a transformer.
Finally, it is useful to choose lighting in advance. This way, you immediately have the right dimensions for the holes to be drilled.