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How many recessed spotlights do I need to evenly light a room?

The days when people worked with a grid, i.e. x-number of recessed spots at the same distance from each other, are long gone. Nowadays, we work on the basis of lighting requirements. People place light where it is needed.
Take the kitchen, for example: instead of using recessed spotlights for the entire ceiling, only spots are placed above the cooking island and on the kitchen cabinets. Is there also a separate dining table? Then you can install recessed spotlights there too.

Imortant factors of choice

Furthermore, the amount of recessed spotlights and their position depend on several factors:
  • The function: is it basic lighting, mood lighting, accent lighting or functional lighting? Each type of lighting has different requirements. For example, less light output is needed for accent lighting, while for functional lighting you should just look for spotlights with a high light output.
  • The light output: some recessed spotlights have a higher light output. Depending on the function, you determine the required light output.
  • The beam angle: to what extent a light beam is concentrated. An opening angle is always measured based on the light source and not the luminaire. For example, a spotlight with a small opening angle is better for accent lighting, spots with a large opening angle and therefore wide beam are better for basic lighting.
  • The distance: the space between the ceiling and the floor or another object to be illuminated.
In case you have questions or need advice, you can always consult our customer service team or apply for a customized lighting study. 

Example lighting plan Peeq

To get a better idea of how many light points are needed, above we provide a lighting plan we drew out. The blue symbols show where we would provide light points.

Light plan


1. Kitchen

As you can see, we do not use a grid, the lights follow the layout of the house. For example, the kitchen counter and the kitchen island are lit with several recessed or surface mounted spotlights. There is no lighting above the furnace as the hood is placed there.

Recessed spotlights kitchen

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2. Aisles

Throughout the whole home you will notice that the main aisles are well lit to enable a safe passage. It’s a good idea to make this lighting separately switchable so you do not always have to switch on all of the lights when you pass a certain room.

Recessed spotlights aisles

3. Living room

In a living room, recessed and surface mounted spotlights are ideal to create atmospheric accents. Choose for dimmable spotlights in the salon to adjust the lighting to the application and atmosphere of the moment. Above the salon we put six spotlights and suggested a floor lamp as atmospheric addition in the reading corner. Above the table in the dining room a pendant lamp that gives soft light in all directions, is a good idea.

Recessed spotlights living room

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4. Bedroom

Along with the traditional two night lights the bedroom gets eight spotlights. The six recessed spotlights at the bottom provide enough light for selecting and fitting clothes.

Recessed spotlights bedroom


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5. Bathroom

The bathroom contains four spotlights. Always take into account the safety zones for electricity in the bathroom.
For mirror lighting we chose a fluorescent light with warm white light. Of course there are plenty of options when it comes to mirror lighting, you can even find illuminated mirrors in our range.

Recessed spotlights bathroom

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You can always consult our customer service team for advice. A customized lighting study is possible as well.