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How do I easily suspend a pendant light decentralised over a table or in a room?

Sometimes the light point in your ceiling is not in the right place, say half a metre from the centre of the dining table. This problem is easily solved by hanging lamps with decentralised suspension.
This decentralised suspension is possible in four ways: lamps with an adjustable arm, suspension clips, metal cables and track lighting.

1. Adjustable arm

There are ceiling lamps available with an adjustable metal arm, such as the Artemide Tolomeo Sospensione Decentrata, so you always have light in the right place. Lamps with an adjustable arm usually don't have a large range between the power point and the lamp itself, but are therefore very useful to bridge a small distance between the power point and the central point.

Lamp with adjustable arm

2. Suspension clamps

Another solution are suspension clamps. These clamps fix the pendant to the ceiling a second time, so that the lamp hangs in the right place. A good example here is the Flos Aim. Pendant lamps with suspension clamps have a great range thanks to their long suspension cables, sometimes as long as 3 metres or more.

Suspension clamps

3. Metal cables

Some pendant lights are equipped with thin metal cables. This way, the rosette can be hung decentrally. The Foscarini Troag also uses this method. The range here depends on the width of the pendant and the space you have to move your dining table so that the lamp hangs centrally above it.

Pendant lights with metal cable

4. Track lighting

Track lighting is the most flexible lighting solution because you can light the whole room from a single power point in the room. The shape and length of the rails are fully adjustable, allowing you to literally do whatever you want with them.
Any pendant lamp weighing less than 5 kg can be mounted on a track lighting system. Some pendant lamps are already fitted with the right adapter, but you can also get the adapters separately to hang your favourite pendant.