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Timeless elegance for every room

Functional design, that's Vipp. No unnecessary frills from this Danish brand, but rather sleek and elegant designs that excel at their purpose. Vipp's products make it possible to effortlessly furnish any room in the house, even the smallest, with timeless products of the highest quality. Just think of compact dustbins that brighten up the toilet. Vipp's products make spaces stylish and practical.

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The first generation

When 17-year-old Holger Nielsen won a car in a lottery at a local football stadium in 1932, he decided to sell it. As much as he loves cars, the young man does not have a driving licence. With the money, he decides to do something with his other passion: steel. He buys a lathe and not much later he starts his own metal company in the Danish town of Randers.

In 1939, his wife Marie comes and asks if he can create a trash can for her for her hair salon. Nielsen comes up with a steel pedal bin and it proves to be a success. Marie's customers, mostly wives of doctors and dentists, are so impressed that they ask Nielsen to make the pedal bins for their husbands' practice rooms as well. After some urging, Holger Nielsen decides to scale up production and soon the pedal buckets become a coveted item in professional settings.

The second generation

When Holger Nielsen dies unexpectedly, his youngest daughter, Jette, takes over the helm. She cannot bear to let her father's life's work go to waste and decides to do something father Nielsen would never have done: she starts selling the pedal bins on the private market.

It is 2000 when Jette has her big breakthrough. A well-known design department store decides to offer the bin in its shops in Paris and London. The road to success lies open for the determined Jette.

In the meantime, she has also finished her first own design, a toilet brush. In the design, she stays true to the design of her father's dustbin. She will continue to do so in later designs, so there is a nice constant in Vipp's product range.

The third generation

Even today, Vipp is still a family business, with Kasper Egelund, son of Jette Nielsen as CEO. Although the company has since grown into an internationally renowned brand, with a complete product catalogue ranging from lighting to furniture and home accessories, it remains true to founder Holger Nielsen's philosophy: functionality and quality first.

In Kasper's own words, "We dream of a world with fewer but better products, prioritising things that stand the test of time rather than following fading trends".

Vipp is a collective of people, products, and places aiming to refine how we live with objects through long-lasting design experiences.