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Designer lighting that brings your home to life

Step into Vibia's world, where exquisite design meets unmatched innovation. Lighting goes beyond mere illumination, becoming the key to shaping ambiance, defining space, and expressing your style. With sleek, modern designs and playful, artistic pieces, Vibia's unique collection caters to diverse preferences. In Vibia's world, lighting is more than just light—it's a reflection of your distinct personality.

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From local company to global network

The Vibia head office is located in Barcelona where there is a very strong designer culture. The company was started based on local knowledge and has now transformed that knowledge into a vigorous global network.

Vibia lighting is founded on a spiritually inspired vision. Light should shape our lives, determine how we see the world around us and stimulate our perceptions. Perceptions vary by individual and that translates into personalised lighting taste.

The relationship between man and environment

Vibia's mission is to improve the relationship between man and environment. To this end, their fixtures create the right ambience in any room so that each experience is unique. They collaborate closely with designers, architects, and lighting experts.

Vibia is striving to develop an internal model in which talent, creativity, and an innovative attitude are paramount. They constantly seek out innovative concepts and improved lighting solutions. This method allows the brand to bring first-rate products to the market.

Each product has its own identity

The collections that Vibia brings to market are unique and luxurious. Technology and design go hand in hand and each design is given an extremely high-quality finish. Each product radiates its own identity. Just like with people.

Skan, Cosmos , and Mayfair are just three of the many successful Vibia collections. It is no surprise that the lighting brand has received prestigious awards, such as the Archiproducts Design Award and the Design Plus Award.

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