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Established in 1982, Pallucco embodies the Italian design vision. The Fortuny collection brilliantly merges tradition with modernity, creating lamps that infuse spaces with character and ambiance. Experience the legacy of beauty and artistic expression where lighting transcends functionality and becomes art. Every detail resonates with passion and distinction in this brand.

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Pallucco Lighting

Pallucco made its entry into the market in the year 1982. The person behind this brand was Paolo Pallucco. The journey began in the 90’s. The company brought in a network of international designers. From 2000, the company opened up portals for decorative elements. The company launched a lot of furnishings then. Mostly it was a blend of old and new, stylish and even formal designs. Definitely it was something new to look forward to.

What makes Pallucco one of the best brands associated many customers to it is the fact that man behind this company has always managed to come up with something new. The designer always loved to research and experiment before making the final product. This is definitely evident with the collection that you can see falling in from generations together. The designs that came from Pallucco are exceptional, unconventional and this becomes the unique selling point of the brand.

Product range under Pallucco

This brand looks into two specific categories, one is living and the other is light. Therefore, you can check out for the collections in each of these categories. What you will mostly notice in the products range is its uniqueness in terms of designs. There is absolutely no way that any random brand can offer you what Pallucco does.

Living section of Pallucco

It offers you tables; well the designs are not the similar to what you will easily find on the market. Right from different colors to different sizes, there is a whole lot you can choose from. You can in fact find both extendible tables and the fixed ones.

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Change is life, vision, strategy and crosses the worlds in which Pallucco invests his design energies: light and home.