Philips Hue: product questions

The Philips LightStrip and Bloom can only be used together with a Hue starter kit.

It is possible to connect up to 50 Hue bulbs or Friends of Hue to one bridge.

It is not recommended to connect Philips LightStrips to other power supplies or amplifiers as the warranty of the product will then be voided.

The total length is 5.6m, from power supply to LED strip is about 3.6m; LED strip is 2m long.

200cm but it can be cut to any length.

No, cut off pieces cannot be re-used. Trying to reconnect cut off pieces with additional wiring or soldering is not recommended as this will void the warranty.

The control box and power supply should be kept away from direct water sprays or high humidity. The LightStrip can be installed in humid places, but avoid direct water sprays.

The original product makes use of the SmartLink signaling protocol/language. The new one uses the socalled LightLink protocol, which enables connecting to Hue in a much more intuitive way, as done for Hue bulbs. In addition, the new (Friends of Hue) Bloom can be kept up to date by upgrading its software over time, to ensure new functionalities to be added.

At the moment the Friends of Hue only support RGB colours and cannot do tunable white light. As the LightRecipes are formed from different tones of white, they are simply unable to do this.

We do not recommend that you connect Philips LightStrips to other power supplies or amplifiers. If you do this, the warranty no longer applies.

The new Hue bridge adds Apple HomeKit compatibility. In addition to HomeKit, the new bridge still provides the existing functions and compatibility with existing Hue lamps, accessories and the Philips Hue apps for iOS and Android.

The new Hue bridge is ready for the future with more internal memory and a more powerful processor than the old Hue bridge. The new Hue bridge is square while the old one is round.

Apple HomeKit technology enables you to easily and safely control all HomeKit-compatible devices using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

1) You can use Siri to control your Philips Hue lamps. You can also export scenes to HomeKit and retrieve them with Siri.

2) Other Apple HomeKit applications can control Philips Hue lamps together with other HomeKit-compatible devices such as door locks and thermostats.

No, a Hue bridge is not necessary. Simply screw the Hue white lamp in the suitable fixture and you can start wireless switching and dimming.

The wireless dimmer switch can only control 1 group of lamps simultaneously. But not the lamps separately.

You can control up to 10 lamps with the Hue dimmer switch but only together as 1 group.

However, you can connect the Hue dimmer switch with the Hue system which gives you the chance to controll 50 bulbs with only one Hue dimmer switch. Open the Philips Hue app and go to settings followed by Accessory setup and press Add accessory. Follow the instructions on your screen.

If your Hue dimmer switch is already connected to some bubls, you can simply connect the Hue dimmer switch and the bulbs to the Hue system in one go.

In standalone mode you can control all Hue lamps except the Hue Beyond and Hue Phoenix.

Your dimmer switch can be connected to these lamps by connecting the Hue dimmer switch with the Hue system.

You can switch Hue lamps on and off or dim them. It is not possible to change the colour. But you can change the scenery by pressing the 'on' button multiple times. You can switch and chose from the4 Hue lightrecipes.

Extra: you can cling your Hue dimmer switch to the magnetic strip. Adhere the stripp to the wall so you can simply cling your Hue dimmer switch back on when you prefer.

Hue Go can be used as a standalone product or as part of the Hue system.

When the Hue Go is used without a bridge, you control it with the switch on Hue Go. More detailed instructions for operating this switch can be found in the manual.

  • If Hue Go is switched off: press briefly (less than 2 seconds) to switch product on with last setting.
  • If Hue Go is switched on: press briefly (less than 2 seconds) switches to following effect:
    • 2700 K
    • 4000 K
    • Candle light
    • Morning coffee
    • Meditation
    • Enchanted forest
    • Midnight adventure
  • If Hue Go is switched on: press long (longer than 2 seconds) to enable sleep mode.
  •  If Hue Go is switched on: Press twice and keep pressed to review all the available colours as long as you press.
  • If Hue Go is switched off: Press long (~10 seconds) to switch Hue Go off completely. After doing this, Hue Go can only be switched on again with the switch on the device and not with your smartphone. The timer function will also no longer work.

1 metre is only available as extension. The base strip is 2 metres long but you can cut it along the markings every 33 cm. Note: The piece you cut off can no longer be used.

No. To use the Lightstrip Plus 1 metre you need to start with the base strip of 2 metres. This strip includes the power supply which is necessary to make the product work. It also contains the RF box which is necessary to control the strip using your smartphone. The 1 metre extension can only be used to extend the system.

It is recommended to extend the strip to maximum 10 metres.

The Hue Lightstrip Plus always counts as 1 light point, regardless of the number of extensions.

The total length of the power supply cable to the RF box is 2 metres, and from the RF box to the Lightstrip, 15 cm.

Do you still have some questions? Check the General questions or the technical questions. You can also contact the customer service.

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