What is serial and parallel connection and when do I apply what?

There are two different connection methods possible: serial connection and parallel connection. You need to know the difference for LED light wiring. LED has to be connected either in a serial or a parallel connection. How these have to be connected depends on the light source. A wrong connection with LED will result in your LED lights breaking down.

Serial with 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, and 1050mA

A serial connection is required with LED lighting on 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, and 1050mA. In this case you use a current-controlled power supply.

Serial connection

With a serial connection there is only one flow. The current enters the first spot through the + and then leaves through the - to move to the next spot and do the same with the third spot. The current flows around like this in one direction until all spots are supplied with current. Whenever at least one spot is broken, the circuit is broken. The defective spot can no longer conduct the current so that all sports on the circuit break down.

However, the most modern LED spots are protected against this. These protected spots have a built-in bridge, which allows the current to flow to the other spots on the circuit in the event of a breakdown.

Parallel with 12V, 24V and 230V

A parallel connection is required with LED lighting on 12V, 24V, and 230V. In this case you use a voltage power feed.

Parallel connection

With a parallel connection the starting points (+) and end points (-) of the different spots are connected to each other. In contrast to a serial connection, the power in a parallel connection can run through several circuits. Whenever one spot breaks down, all the other spots therefore do not break down. The power can still reach the other spots in the circuit.

The illustration below shows what happens to the power circuit whenever one spot breaks down. With a parallel connection, the power circuit stays intact and all other spots continue to work. However, with a serial connection, when one spot breaks down, the power can no longer circulate, so the other spots will break down.

With a parallel connection, the power circuit continues. With a serial connection, the power circuit cannot continue.

Serial versus parallel connection

To ensure a longer lifespan for your LED lights, we advise you to connect them to a direct current.

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