Caroline Van Wouwe

Caroline Van Wouwe

An urban jungle interior for fanatics of green

There are millions of apartments in the UK and one out of four Britons live in high-rise apartment buildings. There are several advantages to living in apartment buildings but it also entails a few disadvantages. One of the main downsides is a lack of outdoor space (unless the owner has a small patch of land somewhere). In an effort to provide a solution to this problem, the Urban Jungle style came into being.

The Urban Jungle style is your way to bring some greenery to your apartment. This style successfully lets the distinction between outside and inside fade away!

Characteristics of an Urban Jungle interior

An urban jungle is characterized by an abundant usage of green. By green we do not only mean plants, but also botanical prints. Flower pattern wallpaper, for instance, is very welcome in an urban jungle setting. Framed posters of exotic plants or ceramic cactus figurines also make a worthy entrance in this style.

The choice of materials obviously remains very natural. You will see a lot of wood, cork, rattan and fabric. Plastic, glass and metal are less frequent.

These materials also impact the colour palette. An urban jungle interior is characterized by wood colours, soil tones and terracotta. Usually, white is the preferential colour for the walls and ceiling, but some people might still prefer an eye-catching dark green wall.

Which indoor plants match with an urban jungle?

The most important ingredient on the urban jungle menu are the indoor plants. Do not just place one or two flower pots in the corner of the room, but have a blast and go all the way. The more plants you manage to fit in there, the better!

A few popular large indoor plants:

  • Banana plant (Musa)
  • Tobacco plant (Ficus Lyrata)
  • Elephant’s Ear (Alocasia)
  • Chinese Money plant (Pilea Peperomiodes)
  • Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

For smaller pots that go on a windowsill or on a dresser, you could go for the traditional succulents and cacti. Apart from that, the epiphyte plantlets, also known as air plants, are now hotter than ever.

Matching fittings

An interior style is only complete if the separate elements match and the room is well-balanced. The selected lighting also has to fit in the urban jungle concept. That’s where we step in. Luckily, our web shop has something to everyone’s liking.

SLV Fitu

The header of this SLV Fitu pendant light is made of bamboo. In that respect it completely embodies the urban jungle concept. By the way, bamboo is also an excellent choice from an ecological point of view. Bamboo is a grass that grows quickly and therefore its ecological footprint is minimal.

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Nordlux Chino

The Nordlux Chino keeps it light, airy and transparent with an open header. The thin wooden slats create a natural look. This pendant light is available in several sizes, varying from a 300 mm to a 600 mm diameter. There is a solution for both smaller and larger tables.

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Trio Boolan

Trio has another nice fitting for urban jungle interiors: the Boolan. The eye-catchers are the loose rings, that can be turned towards any preferred position. Since the lamp is visible, it is advisable to not buy classical white bulb lights. Conspicuous designer pearls, such as the Edison led bulbs or the Globe bulbs are way prettier.

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Graypants Scraplight

For most people, the definition of natural materials is probably wood. Yet, there is a secondary product that has its rightful place in the urban jungle style: carton. The designers at Graypants are using carton for their Scraplight collection. That way they harmonize ecology with design.

Graypants Scraplight
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LZF I-Club

At the end of our light list we find the LZF I-Club. This collection contains a few stylish lamps with rounded corners. The wooden casing is available in a number of catchy tones, but for the urban jungle interior, we prefer the cherry or beech versions.

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