Steven Roziers

Steven Roziers

Recessed LED Lights Above The Stairs – Safety And Architectural Class

One of the latest trends in modern architectural lighting is placing small recessed lights above the stairs and in the stair and hallway. Because of their low energy consumption LED lights are the ideal light source for this. These recessed LED wall lights do not have to give a huge amount of light, they are installed to give subtle orientation lighting. Generally, 1W LED spotlights already do the trick. At the same time your stairway will be looking awesome.

Frequently switching the lights on/off is inefficient

Light switch

It’s no problem to let your LED lights burning.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this, you wake up in the middle of the night and you have to go to the bathroom. You cross the stair hall and you swith on the light. A few hours later one of your children hears some scary noises so he/she hurries to your room and turns on the light once again. And so on…

The stairway and hall are spaces in your home which everyone passes rather quickly but frequently. This results in frequently turning on and off the general lighting which is far from efficient in terms of energy usage. Energy efficient LED recessed lights overcome this issue.

Let them burn!

Orientation lighting safety

Orientation lighting makes your stairs a lot safer.

Orientation lighting in the hallway and above the stairs are primarily meant for safety. But it’s all about efficiency. Because of their low energy usage LED recessed lights can be left burning the whole night without having to worry about excessive electricity consumption.

At the same time you avoid painful stumbles. Economical LED recessed lights above the stairs and in the walls of the hallway emit just enough light to enable a safe passage.

Long lifetime

Another advantage of LED orientation lighting is the lifetime. Of course you don’t want to have to replace something that is built into the wall. Thanks to their extremely long lifetime LED spots are once again the ideal option.

LED recessed lights are child friendly

Niko orientation lighting

Orientation lighting – Safe ánd stylish

If there are children around, you have to pay attention to the details. You’ll want to eliminate everything that poses a danger to your kids. Recessed lights with LED emit limited heat so children burning themselves on hot spotlights is impossible. An important advantage bearing in mind there are small explorers wandering through the house.

And it looks sleek as well…

Children who are afraid of the dark are reassured by the orientation lights while you can sleep without having to worry. Next to safety reasons these LED recessed lights fulfill an esthetical function as well, your stairs will be accented in a mystical way.

Above each third 3rd step

Don’t overdo with the amount of light, it has to stay subtle and of course economical. At dmLights we advise to install an orientation spotlight above every third step. A distance of 15 to 20 cm from the step is recommended.


Since it’s impossible to light up your stairway only with explanation, we offer you a few quality LED recessed lights. There are numerous options!

Niko Orientation lighting

Niko orientation lightingThe Niko orientation lighting is probably the best known and most widespread. One of its interesting advantages is the fact that you can finish the Niko recessed lights with any Niko cover plate, the ones you use for your Niko switches. Herewith it’s possible to extend the same style through your entire house.

To the Niko Orientation lighting

Absinthe Flat

DMLights StripeThe DMLights Stripe recessed lights emit a focused, downwards LED light beam. The Stripe recessed spotlight is a vertical lighting fixture with a fine notch into the wall. The Stripe recessed LED lights are available in 2 different sizes and with 3 different light colors (cold white, warm white and blue).

To the Absinthe Flat

DeltaLight Heli

DeltaLight HeliDeltaLight always delivers Belgian reliability. The DeltaLight Heli recessed lights offer a wide range of orientation lights with which you turn your stairs into the safest place of the house. On one hand there are Heli spots with downwards light, and Heli spots with lateral diffuse light on the other hand. If you want the light beam to fall directly onto the steps, you need to choose the first type.

To the DeltaLight Heli

Absinthe Ziggy

DMLights Gips Recessed spotlightFor those people who want to keep everything sleek and streamlined without too many edges and color differences, the DMLights Gips (Plaster) are an excellent choice. These recessed LED spotlights can directly be processed into the wall. Add a lick of paint to make it one beautiful whole.

To the Absinthe Ziggy

Wever & Ducré Lito

Wever & Ducré LitoOur next recommendation is the Wever & Ducré Lito recessed light. The Lito collection is similar to the DeltaLight Heli range. This collection of recessed lights offers a version in which you can nicely distinguish the 4 separate LED’s.

To the Wever & Ducré Lito


Absinthe Led Strips

Absinthe LED-stripsLast but not least, the Absinthe LED strips. LED strips offer you the possibility to add orientation lighting to the total length of your stairway. The LED strips can be mounted on the staircases or the railing of your stairs. Another interesting possibility is the use of a recessed profile to build the LED strips into the wall.

To the Absinthe LED-strips

PSM Lighting Single Moon

 PSM Lighting Single Moon
The Single Moon recessed wall light from Belgian lighting company PSM Lighting is a subtle yet classy fixture to illuminate your stairs. The light source is partly covered by the fixture to prevent glare, while the light inside is reflected for optimal light distribution.

To the PSM Lighting Single Moon

There’s a LED for every stairway. If the budget is available orientation lighting above the stairs is definitely something to consider. It’s convenient and adds class to your stairway.

Would you like more inspiration in order to find the perfect way to light your stairs with LED strips or recessed LED Lights? Make sure to read this blog.