Pool lighting: tips and inspiration

Who doesn’t dream of having a swimming pool in their garden? Many people would do anything to achieve this dream. Are you one of them? Are you planning to build your own pool soon? Then you should take a moment to think about the lighting. With the right pool lighting, you can get even more out of your new water paradise.

Pool lighting is obviously useful for swimming at night. This allows you to swim your laps, even late at night. In addition, an illuminated swimming pool is an outstanding eye-catcher. It provides extra ambiance in your garden. Prepare yourself for jealous looks from your neighbours, friends and family members…

Please note: the installation of pool lighting is not without danger. Therefore, we recommend this work be carried out by a professional.

pool lighting
Pool lighting at dusk: visually fabulous. Photo source

Lighting in the swimming pool

Safety first! When you buy pool lighting, carefully check the IP value. These two numbers will tell you about the level of protection against dirt and liquids. For safety reasons, underwater lighting must always have an IP value of 68 – the highest possible rating.

All the underwater lighting in our shop have an IP value of 68. This means you can make your choice with confidence.

swimming pool with small spots
Forget those larger fixtures. Small underwater spots can be very nice if used for pool lighting. Photo source

Our offer is divided into two groups: recessed and surface-mounted spots. Surface-mounted spots are often used in ponds. For swimming pools, we recommend recessed spots. These can be seamlessly built into the walls of the swimming pool, removing any risk of injuries.

When buying swimming pool lights, RGB LED spots are worth considering. Even if you’re not a fan of coloured lighting, RGB can add value. By giving the spots a light blue tint, the natural colour of the water and the wall covering will be highlighted. Of course, you can always choose a less subtle colour like green, yellow, red or purple.

coloured swimming pool lighting
Use coloured light to strengthen the blue colour of the water, or to create surprising light accents. Photo source

Without a doubt, you will find a suitable spot in our webshop. But how many should you buy? Less is more with pool lighting because the water acts as a reflector. A few spots can light up the entire pool. A good guideline is 1 spot every 3 to 4 metres. Underwater lighting is usually only placed along the length of the pool at half the water level.

pool and garden lighting
Create harmony between the lighting in and around the pool. Photo source

Lighting around the swimming pool

When we think of pool lighting, we first think of underwater lights in the walls of the pool. But most swimming pools are surrounded by plants, works of art or sun terraces. Lighting can be placed here as well.

Ground spots or garden poles are perfect to accentuate the contours of your swimming pool. If the swimming pool or terrace is higher than the surrounding area, you can use indirect lighting (via a waterproof LED strip) to accentuate this height difference.

indirect lighting of a swimming pool
Accentuate high edges with indirect lighting. Photo source

Do you have a water feature or special plant near the swimming pool? You can highlight this with a spot on pin. Most of these spots have an adjustable head, making it easy to point in the right direction.

Another tip: it might be convenient to connect the pool lighting to the garden lighting (for example, via home automation). This makes controlling the lighting much easier. In addition, there are all kinds of extra features, such as pool lights that turn off automatically when the pool cover is activated.

Do you need advice?

Do you need some advice about garden or pool lighting? Our experts will be glad to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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