Which diameter is right for the lamp above my dinner table?

Congratulations! You just bought a new table for your dining room or kitchen. And to top off your interior, you are looking for a stunning matching pendant light. And without doubt, you found a fabulous fitting in our web shop, but it comes in two sizes. Which diameter is right for your set-up?

No stress! This article will provide you with some invaluable tips that will help you determine which is the correct diameter for your fitting.

Determining the size of the pendant

It is extremely important to work with the right sizes and dimensions, as an oversized pendant will dominate the space, whereas a lamp that is too small will entirely disappear from the view. We are looking for a good balance.

Do you have a round table? Then we suggest to get a round hanging lamp with a diameter that is not wider than 50% of the table’s width. This Philips Hue Fair with its 90 cm diameter is a fine example of a pendant for a round table.

philips hue fair hanglamp rond

For a rectangular table there are two possibilities:

  1. An elongated fitting
  2. Several smaller fittings

For the first solution you should choose a pendant with the same dimensions as the table. Let’s say we have a dining table of 200 by 100 cm. We divide the width by two, which in this case means 50 cm. Then we subtract 50 cm from the length. So, the pendant for this dining table should not exceed 150 by 50 cm, like this Marset Tam Tam for instance.

Would you like to hang several pendants and are you looking for the right diameter? Divide the length of the table by the amount of fittings plus 1. For instance, for a 150 cm table we would get two fittings of which the size does not exceed 50 cm. You would fit those with 50 cm in between in the middle of the table.

Marset Tam Tam

Also take this into account…

The ‘rules’ stated above are more like guidelines. They are not absolute laws of physics and nature. There are a few factors you should keep in mind, such as the design of the pendant light. Lampshades with a closed header look heavier than those with an open structure. This has an impact on the diameter you would choose.

Apart from that, the height of the ceiling is another important factor. In a mansion with a high ceiling the pendant can be a tad bigger than in your average 250 cm high room.

Do you have more questions regarding the dimensions of your pendant light? Then feel free to get some advice from our experts in lighting. If needed, we will make a lighting study tailored to your needs, in which we will provide you with some suggestions for lights for your house.

And what about the height?

Until now, we have mainly spoken about the dimensions of hanging lights, but have you given any thought to the fitting height?

Usually a fitting is placed 60 to 75 cm above the table top.

However, we still need to make a few considerations here.

The fitting height varies according to the opening angle of the light(s), the light intensity and the position in your house. A pendant light with a small opening angle should be placed higher in order to illuminate the entire table. In a kitchen island the distance between the table and the lamp would typically also be a little more. If the pendant light is on eye level here, it would limit your view of the rest of the room.