This is how you cosy up a black and white interior

Fans of modern interiors and minimalism tend to appreciate a black and white colour palette. This soberness generates a sensation of calmness. Provided that this concept is well executed, it creates an eye-strikingly beautiful result.

However, this does require a certain amount of preparation. Every little mistake will stand out immediately in a black-white setting. Luckily you can prevent these little mistakes by reading the tips and tricks below:

Mix different shades

A black-white interior doesn’t necessarily have to consist of these two basic colours. Shades of grey are also welcome, as they perfectly merge in a black-white colour palette.

Get a grey, fabric sofa for instance, or hang light grey wallpaper with a subtle pattern on an accent wall. A combination of different shades of grey with black and white rejuvenates the interior.

Play around with textures

Even one single colour can have different looks. How about a black leather sofa and a similar one in fabric? Even though both colours are identical, they still look very differently. This is due to the discrepancy in textures.

Wood, metal, fabric, leather, woollen… with a mix of textures you can prevent your black interior from becoming too monotonous.

Choose natural materials

Speaking of materials: if you love a cosy black-white interior, you should choose natural materials, as they generate an extra cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Are you looking for a new couch for your black-white living room? Then forget about leather and get one with a velvet upholstery. And replace that metal saloon table by one in black, stained wood. And by putting a white sheepskin over the footstool, you can truly make your black-white interior look a lot more comfy.

Get an eye-catcher in a contrasting colour setting

Make a design statement by introducing a colour dose. You could for instance buy a conspicuous red table light or hang a colourful, abstract work of art against the wall. These eye-catchers will grant your interior an extra dimension and more deepness. But be careful, do not take it too far. Black and white need to remain the dominating colours.

Buy lamps with a warm light colour

Do not underestimate the importance of lighting in a black-white interior. Selecting the right light colour has gotten even more important because of the sober colour palette.

For this interior style we would recommend warm lighting, by which we mean lights with a soft yellow glow. Lamps with a high colour temperature (cool white light) are best left outside of your scope, as they do not set a cosy atmosphere.

Added bonus: black/white lamps

The above section already provided you with some ideas on how to dress a black-white interior. Linked to that, we would also like to provide you with a few suggestions concerning the lights themselves.

These lights are available both in black and white. So feel free to choose your own favourite colour.

Artemide Dalu

The design of this table lamp dates from the sixties. With its timeless design it definitely claims a rightful spot in a contemporary interior. The Artemide Dalu is a must-have in your black-white dining room, living room or bedroom.


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Fontana Arte Cheshire

This decorative table light feels right at home on a dresser. It is the perfect mood setter, thanks to its warm light colour and diffuse downward light.


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Verpan Pantop

The Verpan Pantop has a simple bell-shaped lampshade. The footer and the neck are made of aluminium, which offers a striking contrast with black or white. By the way, the bottom of the footer contains the autograph of Verner Panton, its designer. That way you are sure you are talking about an authentic designer item.

pantop-table lamp

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Flos Tab F

We selected this Flos Tab F from our range of black-white floor lights. The reason is simple: it is a fine piece of minimalistic design. Excessive and superfluous lines are not invited to this party. Everything has been reduced to its pure essence and that makes this floor lamp so stunning.


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Design for the People Patton

Next to an armchair, in the children’s room or in the hallway: the Patton floor light by Design of the People fits everywhere. Its orientable lampshade makes this luminaire even more versatile. You can convert it into an up or down lighter in a split second.

patton-floor lamp

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Lightyears Kaiser

Christian Dell has granted the Kaizer floor lamp a vintage look. It reminds us of traditional factory lights, but with a modern touch. This floor lamp is available in two colours and you’ve already guessed which ones: black and white. For the black version you can choose between a shining or a mat finish. Which one do you like most?

kaizer-foor lamp black white

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&tradition Spinning

Would you like to fit a black table lamp above the dining table? Or a white pendant above the kitchen island? Then this &tradition Spinning should be on the top of your wishing list. Design and functionality are combined in an unconventional way and the result is a high-class luminaire. PS, there is also a grey version.

black white pendant

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SLV Forchini

The SLV Forchini is equipped with a lampshade in glass fibre plastic. The texture fits a black-white interior neatly. You can choose between a silver or golden finish on the inside.


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Deltalight Husk

Husk is classic of the Belgian designer lighting world. This trendy pendant can be spotted in many homes, restaurants and office buildings. This should come as no surprise, as its fashionable design makes the Deltalight Husk an asset for any given space.


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