8 ways to use wood in your interior

Wood is a much-loved building material. It has been used for many years in the construction of houses and other buildings. In the Norwegian city of Kirkjubøargarður, for example, there is a wooden house from the 12th century that is still inhabited, proving just how durable wood can be.

Alongside this strength, wood has other very interesting properties.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Teak, oak, beech, mahogany… every type of wood has its own appearance and strengths.
  • Wood is durable. Take, for example, wood that bears the FSC logo, which guarantees that it has been sourced in responsibly managed forests and/or contributes towards the responsible management of woodland.

These strengths in combination with the warm appearance of wood make it the perfect material for decorating an interior. Wood can be used in a variety of ways in an interior…

Wooden floors

Wood in an interior often means parquet flooring. A parquet floor provides a hint of luxury and extra warmth in your home. Oak planks which have been treated with a varnish or oil are usually used for parquet. The planks come in various thicknesses, lengths and widths. There are also special shapes available, such as a herringbone pattern or mosaic.

modern parquet flooring in the living room with a flos arco standard lamp

A sleek parquet floor with few knots and the stunning Flos Arco. Photo source


For many people, panelling sounds a little old fashioned. But this wooden wall covering can still be beautiful today. Panelling is especially stunning within countryside interiors.

children's bedroom with panelling using OSB plates

In this children’s room, the classic panelling has been replaced by OSB plates. Nice isn’t it? Photo source

Wooden separating wall

Wood is ideal for creating a separating wall. You can use vertical planks a few centimetres from one another to separate a living room and dining room. This allows you to create your own, special room while maintaining contact between both areas. We used this design in our own office and can therefore testify to its success!

living room with wooden separating wall

Here, wooden planks are used as a semi-transparent separating wall. Photo source

dmlights office

The dmlights office was split into two separate but very much connected areas.

Wooden ceilings

In older houses, the first floor was supported by heavy, wooden beams. Renovators often choose to restore these beams and then highlight them in the interior.

But you may think that a wooden ceiling only works in a classic interior? Not at all. There are also solutions for modern styling enthusiasts, such as the wooden ceiling cladding in the photo below:

living room with flos aim pendant lamps above the table

A modern wooden ceiling with the fanciful Flos Aim pendant lamps. Photo source

Doors and stairs

Unless you’re using glass, an internal door is usually made of wood. Some builders choose to finish internal doors with a layer of paint, while others let the stunning wooden structure shine through.

This also applies to stairs. A wooden stairway is very beautiful and low-maintenance. And with a lick of paint, your old stairway can be given a complete makeover.

wooden stairs with bookshelves underneath

Customisation can create refreshingly beautiful results. Photo source

Tip: wood or concrete, when choosing your stairs, think about stairway lighting.


Just like in the past, furniture is still usually made of wood. Just take a look at the dining room table, occasional table, chairs, wardrobes, sideboards, drinks cabinets, etc. in your own home. There is a good chance that they will be made of wood.

But wood comes in masses of colours, finishes and formats. Go for blank wood if you like the Scandinavian look or choose a mahogany sideboard for retro styling.

lightyears caravaggio wall lamp

Kitchen cupboards, sideboards, wardrobes… wood is great for everything.


Wood enthusiasts can shop to their heart’s content in our webshop. There are all types of wooden light fittings which sometimes also incorporate other materials. LZF , for example, is an expert in the manipulation of wood veneer. Absinthe (Tokke), Flos Architectural (Compass Box), Moooi (Brave New World), Marset (Cala and FollowMe) and Royal Botania (Club) also incorporate wood into their collections. Wooden light fittings are a nice alternative to the more classic materials such as metal and plastics.

flos compass box

The Flos Compass Box fits perfectly above a kitchen island or extended dining room table. Photo source


Finally, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of wooden decorative objects to choose from. There’s something for everyone: wooden bowls, hatstands, tealight holders, photo frames… For the DIY enthusiasts, there are also various projects for making wooden accessories. Perhaps a nice project for a dreary Sunday afternoon?

wooden decorations

Wood is a fantastic material that can be used to create decorative items. Photo source