Caroline Van Wouwe

Caroline Van Wouwe

5 Ways To Illuminate A Garden Path

Now the days are shorter again and it gets darker sooner in the evenings, we are rediscovering the importance of proper outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is not only eye-catching, but it is also handy to light up the driveway, for example.  There are many solutions to facilitate this. You will find five ways in this article.

1. Garden Poles

Garden poles may well be the most used method to light up a garden path. Many people opt for a garden pillar rather than a ground-based spotlight because the light has a larger radius. Apart from lighting, garden poles also have a decorative and defining function. Because of the different sizes, styles and materials, there is undoubtedly a garden poles that suits your house/garden.

On our web shop, you will find hundreds of different garden poles. To give you an idea of the enormous diversity, we selected a number of examples:

DeltaLight Queen Teak

The Belgian DeltaLight has an extensive collection of outdoor lighting. We find the DeltaLight Queen Teak in this range, a lovely wooden garden lamp with a modern look. Thanks to the teak finish, this lamp fits perfectly in a natural environment.

To the DeltaLight Queen Teak

DeltaLight Queen Teak garden poles

Thanks to the teak covering, this lamp fits perfectly in a garden.

dmLights Zeta

The dmLights Zeta garden pillars are slender, elegant fittings of our own make. The Zeta garden pillars beam out their light where it is needed, down on the garden path. It is only available in grey, white or black finish but we believe this will suffice, architectural lighting obtains its character from its simplicity and not its bright colour.

To the Absinthe Lattice

DMLights Zeta garden poles

dmLights Zeta garden poles

Bel Lighting Spirit

This robust garden pillar by Bel Lighting is the perfect example of trendy outside lighting. The Spirit is made of stainless steel, is completely rust-free and uses an LED or halogen lamp. In addition, they are available in various sizes.

To the Bel Lighting Spirit

Bel Lighting Spirit garden pole

The Bel Lighting Spirit is a rock-solid, stainless steel garden pillar resistant to all weather conditions.

Massive Graz

This modern garden pillar by Massive is perfect for lighting up a garden path. Thanks to its simple form, it suits many people’s taste. The Massive Graz is made of aluminium and is available in heights of 400mm and 800mm.

To the Massive Graz

Massive Graz garden pole

Thanks to its simple form, the Massive Graz suits many people’s taste.

Wever & Ducre Edge

Another lovely garden lamp made in Belgium; the Wever & Ducre Edge. As the name suggests, this lamp looks like an illuminated inside edge. The smallest version is only 200mm high and ideal to light up a garden path in a subtle way. In addition, there is also a version with a height of 400mm and  800mm.

To the Wever & Ducré Edge

Wever & Ducré Edge garden pole

The light of the Edge garden pillar is nicely encapsulated in the corner of the fitting.

2. Wall Lights

Many of the open or half open buildings have a path or drive way next to the home. In this case, you could use a wall sconce to provide sufficient light. Here too, there is a varied selection:

dmLights Brick

The benefit of a built-in lamp is that they are virtually invisible during the day. But they come to life at night and illuminate your home and garden beautifully. The dmLights Brick is an example of wall lighting that can be built in. Enjoy cosy warm white light shining down on your garden path in the evenings and at night.

To the DM Lights Brick

DM Lights Brick recessed wall light

If your garden path lies next to a wall, built-in lights are an elegant solution.

DeltaLight Basic

If you are looking for simple wall lighting for outside, you must definitely take a look at the Basic by DeltaLight. Simplicity in all its glory, no more, no less.

To the DeltaLight Basic

DeltaLight Basic recessed wall light

With these low-fitted Basic wall spots you know where you need to put your feet.

Flos Button

The timeless design of the Flos Button is ideal to light up a driveway or garden path. This lamp provides an attractive diffuse light and can be used both inside and outside. It is also available with white, yellow or blue colour filters.

To the Flos Button

Flos Mini Button wall light

The Flos Button wall sconces are one of the dmLights’ bestsellers.

3. LED strips

Did you know that our Absinthe LED strips can also be used outside? They are waterproof and therefore perfect to light up a garden path. You can fit these LED strips in a paving border to give you a lovely outline.

To the Absinthe LED strips

LED strips garden path

LED strips are a creative way to light up your garden path.

4. Ground Spots

Ground spots are not only handy as accent lights, but can also be used for the illumination of a garden path or drive way. Because they are virtually invisible during the day, they do not affect the natural character of your garden.

Wever & Ducré Aurora

Wever & Ducré Aurora ground spot

Apart from the classic ground spots, there are also versions that use a RGB LED. In other words, they can produce coloured light. So with these ground spots you can add a creative touch to your garden.

Finally, there is a lot of variety in the field of light. Most ground spots are aimed vertically, but there are also fittings that spread their light horizontally over the surface (such as the Absinthe Malus and Uni Bright UB). This type of ground spots is ideal for lighting up a garden path or drive way. The Modular Lighting A(r)mor is basically not a real ground spot, but definitely worth mentioning here. These built-in spotlights shine a lovely beam of light over the ground surface.

Modular Lighting A(r)mor

The Modular Lighting A(r)mor is actually a built-in fitting instead of a ground spot.

5. Spots On A Peg

Finally, there are still a whole lot of directional spots available on our web shop. Thanks to the adjustable housing, you can easily direct them on a garden path or use them to accentuate certain elements. A large part of this type of outside illumination is also fitted with a ground peg to allow easy positioning in a flower bed or on the lawn.

To the Bel Lighting Eco To the DM Lights Nautilus

Bel Lighting Eco spot op pin

Directional spots such as the Bel Lighting Eco and DM Lights Nautilus are perfect to light up a garden path.

How you choose to light up your garden paths depends to a large extent on how your house and garden is classified. Sometimes, because of a lack of space, it is not possible to fit garden pillars, then recessed built-in fittings offer a perfect solution. Please feel free to question us on what may be your best available option. We will immediately delve around in our product range, looking for your garden lighting. You will also find more information on our blog post on meest gebruikte buitenverlichting.

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