Bedroom lighting

The light in the bedroom should be soft enough for you to wake up gently, but also bright enough to find your clothes easily. A combination of different bedroom lamps is therefore recommended. You will find them all in our selection, from bedside lamps to pendant lamps. Show all

The lighting of your dreams

Although a bedroom should really be dark, its lighting does play an important role. You need sufficient light to find what you need in your wardrobe, but you don’t want too much light when you are already in bed. And you certainly don't want to have to get up again to switch off the light! To point you towards the most practical, but also the most attractive lighting for your bedroom, we have highlighted 5 types of bedroom lamps for you.

Pendant lamps and ceiling lamps for the bedroom

Modern bedrooms increasingly make use of recessed spot lights. The light of a central pendant lamp or ceiling lamp is usually enough to illuminate the bedroom, but be sure to opt for a lamp that spreads diffuse light. In this way, the light will reach all the corners of the room.

Small pendant lamps that shine down can also serve as bedside table lamps. This saves space on your bedside table for your mobile phone, spectacles, etc.

Bedside table lamps

If you do opt for a bedside table lamp, keep two things in mind.

  • The size: bedside table lamps are preferably small, so that they don’t take up too much space. Moreover, if the table lamp is too high, you risk looking up inside the light from below when you’re in bed.
  • The light: a bedside lamp must create soft and diffuse light. Light that is too bright or focussed can cause an unpleasant glare.
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Bedside lamps

A bedside light is an alternative for the traditional bedside table lamp. They used to be mainly popular in hotel rooms, but are increasingly finding their way into our private rooms. These small, tilting, wall-mounted fittings are mounted on the headboard of the bed or on the wall. They are ideal for the nocturnal reader who doesn’t want to disturb his partner.

Wall lamps

Other wall lamps also deserve a place in the bedroom. Traditional wall lamps with a shade can create a romantic atmosphere, while sleek up/down lighters impart a more luxurious touch.

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